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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Green Road Blogger Template - Peaceful Rush #5

screenshot below.

Green Road Blogger Template

Download Green Road Blogger Template Version 1.0

Bloggy insense

You can view the demo here or see the snapshot below

blue stripe blogger template

Download Blue Stripe Blogger Template Version 1.0

Rainbow Garden

i have converted it into new blogger template.

rainbow garden blogger template

Rainbow Garden blogger template is a template dominated by green color. It has a beautiful view with large and many flowers on the background. Seeing that many people love the wordpress version, and adore the design, I then decided to convert it into blogger template for you.

How to install this template

Nothing extraordinary, just upload it via your blogger template uploader, and it should be succesfuly installed. But however you can read my guidance here about how to install a blogger template. I have posted the full and complete guidance about how to install a blogger template and the problems often occurs there.

Now because you are not so patient, ok you can download this template here

Download Rainbow Garden Blogger Template Version 1.0